Technical overview

A quick overview of some of the technical aspects of our system for your IT Co-ordinator.

EduRoo is a hassle free external service that does not need to be installed or maintained.

External service

EduRoo is an external service and does not need to be installed on your school’s internal infrastructure.
So you won’t need to waste any time maintaining it or ensuring continued staff access.

If teachers have access to the internet, then they have access to EduRoo.

Access from anywhere

EduRoo can be accessed via any internet connected desktop or laptop computer at school or at home.

Dedicated classroom teaching tool

EduRoo is a teaching tool designed specifically for use in a classroom environment by teachers and does not replace any existing administrative/reporting tools that your school may be using. As such it can be used in conjunction with many other tools with no conflicts.

Account management

EduRoo user accounts are managed by the individual teachers who have signed up for them.
No central administrator or super-user account is required.

Usernames and passwords

Teachers are able to set and manage their own password.

Students are automatically assigned usernames and passwords when added by their teacher.
Teachers can generate new student passwords at any time.