Teachers’ FAQ

Here you will find all the most frequently asked questions sent in by teachers.
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How much does it cost to join EduRoo?

It is currently free for Australian primary school teachers to join EduRoo.

Why is EduRoo free?

EduRoo is free because we believe all students and schools should have access to quality educational resources, not only those privileged enough to be able to afford expensive tuition software.

Is EduRoo covered in advertising?

We currently have a single clean sponsorship area which is displayed when parents/teachers sign in.

In the future we plan on offering paid supporter plans which would allow you to disable this area or potentially replace it with your own school logo.

How do you make money?

At this stage we’re hoping that we can get some sponsorship from either government educational bodies or corporate entities who share our vision of free quality educational resources for all teachers.

We also plan on offering paid supporter plans in the future which will grant access to additional content. Depending on how we go, we may also need to lock some of the more fancy features that are currently available in the early access version of the site and make them paid supporter features in future.

How are my personal details used?

We purposely collect as few personal details about you as possible and use those details only to provide you with our service, we will never disclose your email address or name to any third-parties.

For more information on how we use the information that we do collect, please read our Privacy Policy

How do I join/create an account?

To create your own EduRoo account, select the green Join (it’s free) button at the top of the page.

Why can’t parents join directly?

EduRoo has been built especially for primary school teachers and contains many features that don’t directly apply to home use. We are currently looking into the potential for offering a paid educational product developed especially for the home market.

Won’t this just make me even more overworked?

No, once you have added your students (which is very quick to do!), EduRoo will save you time by allowing you to easily create activities and printable resources that are directly applicable to your classroom teaching.