What is EduRoo?

EduRoo is a new educational resource designed especially for primary school teachers.

A flexible and fun educational resource built especially for Primary School Teachers!

What we offer

We provide an easy to use system to effortlessly manage your students, create your own custom activities, target individual student learning, view detailed results data and even digitally team teach!

A game changer

A new and exciting option for integrating ICT into your classroom, EduRoo can be utilised for whole group activities with an interactive whiteboard, individual tasks, homework tasks, testing and for creating tie-in printable resources to be completed in class or at home.

Customise your teaching

Stop wasting time searching through books and online resources for activities that might match what you’re teaching. EduRoo lets you match the exact skills that you want your students to acquire.

Get the most from your interactive whiteboard while also engaging your students with tie-in printable activities, awards and incentives that can be utilised throughout your classroom.