The importance of games

Games are a fantastic way to engage young learners, to challenge their thinking and to provide them with valuable problem solving experiences, all whilst helping to foster a love of learning.

Activities that are tailored to your childs specific individual educational needs.

Game mechanics and learning

On the surface it might be hard to see the learning potential in many games.
But just think about the last time you played a game, did it involve…

Quick math sums?
Creating words from assorted letters?
Matching patterns of objects?
Remembering and returning to key pieces of information?

Many of these basic concepts are at the heart of the worlds best known games, and it’s at primary school where much of this knowledge is first mastered.

EduRoo’s games

EduRoo creates games that make learning fun and encourage your child to use the knowledge gained in their classroom in exciting ways that are relevant to them.

Our games are made to be customised by your child’s teacher, to provide the specific knowledge and level of difficulty that will best reflect what your child is doing in the classroom.

EduRoo’s characters

EduRoo have created a range of interesting characters for your children to fall in love with.

From a dinosaur king who loves to eat delicious misspelt words, to a zany guinea pig professor who’s always creating new experiements, your child will love learning their stories and interacting with them.