What is EduRoo?

EduRoo is an educational games website that is guided by your child’s school teacher.
A fun place where your child can play games and learn things that are relevant to their school education.

A site where the games match what your child is learning at school!

Why EduRoo?

We understand that you want the best for your child’s education and know that you want them to be successful spellers, confident readers and writers and to possess all the knowledge that makes them competent mathematicians.

Teacher driven

Your child’s teacher is well placed to provide the learning experiences your child needs to foster growth and development and by using EduRoo they can provide engaging and rewarding learning experiences.

Unlike many other online systems, EduRoo does not attempt to replace you or the teacher and is built around integration into a classroom environment.

In particular we provide the ability for teachers to target the learning of your child to meet their areas of need or extension.

Parent feedback

If your child’s teacher has parent access enabled, you will be able to see exactly the same results that the teacher receives and to take appropriate action yourself at home.