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EduRoo exists to support your practice - not be your practice

Educational resources

There are so many tools, digital or otherwise, for teachers to use with their students. Some would say there is a glut of possibilities with a vast array of foci and quality attached to each. It can be a minefield to traverse through what's available.

We believe that EduRoo has a place in there too — a key place — because of our ability to fluidly integrate with what you're already teaching.

Some current uses for EduRoo in your classroom

Use our Multiple Choice activity as a comprehension activity after guided reading. 1. After a Guided Reading session, you could set up a Multiple Choice activity for those specific children as a task to do the following day or for homework.

Use Sentence Sort to improve students understanding of sentence structure. 2. Some students struggle to order a sentence correctly. Take a sentence from a text you have read in class, put in it the Sentence Sort activity and ask your students to put it back together on your interactive whiteboard.

Use Rocket Maths to help students mental maths capabilities. 3. Help build a student's mental maths abilities through Professor Pigwig's Rocket Maths while they also learn the order of the planets.

Use Rocket Maths to help your students practise their tens facts. 4. Have you been working on tens facts? You can also use Professor Pigwig's Rocket Maths to help your students practise exactly that!

Use our Word Find activity to create your own custom Word Finds. 5. Create Word Finds with the precise words that you want and tweak the letter case and word directions to adjust the difficulty. The words will be hidden in a different spot every time!

Create your own games for your interactive whiteboard. 6. Get everyone involved by creating a game for your whole class to play on your interactive whiteboard.

Create printable worksheets for many of our educational activities. 7. Quickly generate printable worksheets based on your own content for many of our activities.

Some educational activities currently in development

We're working hard to create many new educational games, activities and teaching resources. Some of the activities currently in development are:

  1. A game version of Sentence Sort where students must sort familiar sentences correctly, to gain clues to catch the mischievous master of disguise Wiggleston.
  2. A memory game that will be usable in Literacy, Mathematics and more!
  3. A spelling game based on our ever hungry dinosaur Spellosaurus-Rex.

Using EduRoo in your classroom

EduRoo has not been designed to 'be' your practice, as we all know that students learn in different ways.

Instead EduRoo's educational resources are made to complement many of the standard activities you already incorporate into your weekly routines.

If you have any activity or game suggestions that you would LOVE to see included in EduRoo, please contact us, message us on Facebook, Twitter or reply below.

We want to make something that works for you!

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amandawolaniuk (Teacher)31 July 2012 at 9:48am

Last week I set up a Multiple Choice activity as a pre-test on Simple Machines before we started our topic unit. I was very impressed with how easy it was to set up the task for my students how I was able to personalise completely. My students enjoyed completing the task and the data I got at the end was well set out and valuable to me. I particularly liked the whole class graph I was able to print out with the students results.

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