EduRoo launches

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EduRoo has finally launched

Welcome to EduRoo

A new educational resource for primary school teachers that lets you utilise your existing classroom technology to its fullest.

Designed from scratch, especially for teachers (by teachers!), we offer the features that power users have always wanted, in an interface that's simple enough for the least computer experienced teachers.

Our features

With a heavy focus on simplicity, flexibility and real world usefulness, EduRoo provides many unique features, while also removing the pain points routinely experienced with other educational software.

Add and manage students accounts

Add your students and manage their accounts easier than ever before.

Add and manage your own students

Create groups

Create flexible learning groups to match your teaching style.

Create your own groups

Tailor games to meet individual student needs

Tailor the experience for the specific learning requirements of individual students.

Create custom activities

View student results

View useful instant results feedback that helps you adapt your teaching.

View student results

Share with other teachers at your school

Share your class with your team teaching partner.

Share your account

Our vision

We believe we've created something truly unique for teachers, and we're just getting started!

We would love for you to join us on the journey as we create many new games, activities, tools and resources to enhance your ability to teach with technology.

Please contact us or message us on Facebook if you have any feedback, as we'd love to hear from you.

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